Hotel Amenities and Facilities

Some fareham restaurants may be hired to provide outside catering services for different events all over the city. This may be for children activities, high end parties, corporate events, team building activities, political events or even religious events.

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For most people, hotels are synonymous with accommodation. However, there is more to hotels, especially in the modern era, than just accommodation. Hotels have diversified their service offering to capture a wider market from within the city and beyond. But what are these services and who can take advantage of these?

Hotel restaurants  

A single hotel can have several restaurants, most of which have different menus and offer different services. These restaurants are open to both residents and non-residents. The restaurants can be hired for different events during the year and they may also provide outside catering services. Some of the restaurants may serve specific cuisines while others may have a wide variety of foods from different restaurants.

Room service

This is a service where guests get to order food and drinks from a menu and these are then served in their rooms. This service is available in high end resorts and hotels and is usually charged as a separate expense. Guests can utilize this service when they would like privacy, when they may not be feeling too well to walk around the hotel or just at their own whim.

Meeting rooms

Board rooms, training rooms, conference facilities and other related services are on very high demand. Most hotels and restaurants have incorporated rooms that could be used for meetings, training and other corporate events to capture this market. The meeting rooms differ in sizes to accommodate clients with different needs.

Entertainment services

Besides meal, accommodation and conferencing, hotels are also known for their entertainment services. These are usually diversified given the diversity of the target client group. These include different genres of movies, book readings, water activities, children play activities and other suitable activities based on the location of the hotel or restaurant. These services are available to both residents and non-residents.

Office and home deliveries

Technology has made it easier for hotels and Fareham restaurants to deliver food to clients either in offices or at home. This makes it easier for clients who do not have the time to visit the restaurants to still enjoy their favourite meals. This service is usually available from smaller hotels and restaurants and is usually a strategy to either gain market share or diversify their income streams.